Russell School Yellowtail Team 2021

Russell School Yellowtail Team 2021

15 June 2021 – by Ashleigh Parlane-Peters

Day 1 51st BOISC International Yellowtail Tournament 2021

The yellowtail fishing team is out there today for day 1 of the competition.

They had a practice run yesterday to get a taste of the sea and get to know their crew, our girls Ava-Dot and Stevi hooked and caught a kingfish each about 7kgs and 8kgs and John and Diego have left theirs in the water to catch today. 

The team came home with big smiles on their faces looking forward to their week ahead.

Thank you to our amazing community for all your support in getting our children into this competition we are all very thankful.

Wow what a day our team had onboard St Moritz yesterday, it was a bit rough they all felt a little sick, but they handled it like champs. Diego caught our first kingfish for the day fighting for 2 hours to get his fish on board, weighing 14.10 caught on 6kg line. Stevi was hooked up next and pulled in a 11.05 kingfish on 6kg line. And then John was on with his 16.09 kingfish putting up a fight, John managed to get it onboard in just under an hour, his face says it all with how rapt he is with that catch. 6kg line. Next drop John hooked up again and pulled in a 11.07 kingfish just before fishing time ended. 6kg line. Ava-Dot hooked up once, but her line was broken, she’s left her fish out there for our next fishing day. 

They all arrived back at the wharf tired but happy after a successful day. Stevi took home heaviest junior girls prize for the day and John took home heaviest boys and most kingfish for juniors for the day. Results from Day 1 can be found here.

Go team Russell School St Moritz 

Day 2 had our Russell Juniors working hard onboard St Moritz yesterday.

John pulled in 3 Kingfish 12.2kgs, 10.25kgs and 15.65kgs over the day and once he caught his third one, he had to take a rest as he had caught his limit for the day.

Diego pulled in a 10.55kg over the day and Stevi pulled in a 12.75kg Kingfish only just smaller than her brothers personal best so she’s out there today hoping to beat it.

Stevi won heaviest junior girls for the second night in a row plus a spot prize.

Ava-Dot had a good fishing day but unfortunately no fish on the boat, she got sharked (pulling in just the head) and lost 2 good fish at the boat. It’s her day today. GO AVA-DOT. 

The team was a bit tired this morning struggling with the early alarm clock to get out of bed and cook the BBQ but we all got there and as a team worked hard to feed the crews bacon and egg sandwiches and sausages so they can get out there with full bellies and fish.

Good luck to all out there today and as always, a massive thank you to our community for all your support in getting our children onto this boat and out there doing it.

An extra shout out to our crew of St Moritz looking after our children and giving them an experience, they will cherish for a lifetime. 

Day 3 Russell School Juniors update

The fishing was slow today, the kids were tired, but they still came home with smiles on their faces saying there day was Awesome.

Stevi said “mum I was grumpy today because I was tired, and it was hard to handle the jokes” but she still had fun.

The team spotted dolphins of more than 100 they reckon and a mako shark behind the boat, we wonder if it was the sneaky shark that keeps getting Ava-Dot’s kingfish.

No fish again for Ava-Dot due to the sharks but she is still there trying hard to get one and we are all crossing fingers that day 4 is her day and she will bring one home, go hard Ava-Dot we are all cheering for you. 

Stevi caught another kingfish weighing 9.55kgs on a 6kg line and John caught an 11.05kg kingfish on 6kg line. So, 2 weighed in for the team today. 

Diego had a couple of hook ups but unfortunately no luck in getting them onboard the boat. 

One more day of the competition to go but the memories that have been made over the week will last a lifetime. 

Tight lines.

Day 4 Perseverance pays off.

Ava-Dot came home with not 1 but 2 kingfish yesterday WOOHOO 9.1kgs and 9.2kgs both caught on 6kg line. Ava-Dot has been trying hard to get her fish and yesterday her wait was over. We are all so proud of how Ava-Dot showed up for her teammates and cheered them on while she waited for her turn. 

Well done, Ava-Dot we are all stoked you got one on board after all the sharked fish.

John came home with yet another kingfish to bring his total caught for the competition to 7 kingfish caught during the competition. 8.45kgs caught on 6kg line was yesterday’s catch. 

Stevi and Diego missed out yesterday, but they still had a great day out on the water enjoying there last day of the competition. 

Prizegiving tonight and we will update you tomorrow with how the team gets on. 

We would like to send a massive shout out to Jo Lang for his amazing sportsmanship last night who came over and shared his prize for biggest junior boys with Ava-Dot after she was called up and recognised for her 2 fish caught but there was no prize. Very proud of you Jo and congratulations on the fish you have caught over the week. 

As always thank you to our amazing community for all your support. 

Wow that was an amazing week our Russell School juniors’ team had onboard of St Moritz during the 51st International yellowtail fishing competition.

Ava-Dot came away with a win of “the most improved junior angler” and what a well-deserved win that was. 

Stevi won Runner up Juniors most points for her 3-yellowtail caught over the week.

And John came away with the win for most points’ junior boys with his 7 kingfish caught over the week. 

The team accumulated the most points in the junior section over the week for their boat, so St Moritz came away with the win for the whole team, well done St Moritz, our skipper Andrew also received a prize for being the skipper of the winning team. 

Our team set out with a vision on what we wanted our competition to look like from the clothing to how things would go over the week and we achieved them all. None of this would have happened without all of our amazing sponsors who donated to our raffles and to all of you that purchased tickets from the team. We will be forever grateful to all of you. 

A shout out to wairoro beachfront chalets and to William Fuller for hosting our team members who live out of town, you really helped our team out.

A special mention to Logan Fulton who fished the tournament not part of our team but still part of Russell School who did well in the competition coming away with “hardest trying junior angler and most tagged and released fish junior” great work Logan. 

Another shout out to our amazing crew who looked after our children onboard and gave them this experience that will leave them with a lifetime of memories. 

Thank you to everyone involved with putting this competition together, the swordfish club has done an amazing job at looking after us all this week and we have all walked away with massive smiles on our faces and hoping we can be back next year supporting or fishing the competition. 

So that’s a wrap from us for this year’s yellowtail fishing competition, we hope you have enjoyed the updates and it has made you feel part of the experience.

Until next year thank you from 

Russell School Juniors St Moritz 

Photo credit & blog by Ashleigh Parlane-Peters