Room 4 first blog

Room 4 first blog


Room 4 is the Year 5 and 6 classroom, with 23 students and our teacher, Miss Jones.

We are a multicultural classroom, with many of us from different parts of the world! We have students from Sweden, USA (Florida and California), Italy, Australia, and of course, Aotearoa New Zealand.

So far this term, we have started our Citizen Science project, called Penguin Watch. We are learning about how scientists are relying on people around the world to help analyse and gather data about penguins in Antarctica. This will help them to understand what is going on with the Antarctic ecosystem and get a better understanding of how climate change affects animals and their food webs. We will be using digital technology to help identify penguin colonies on the ice from right here at Russell School!

Here’s a video explaining what Penguin Watch is:

We have also started working on one of our Digital Technology projects- Electric Garden! Electric Garden is a digital device that allows us to measure the air and soil temperature, soil moisture, humidity, and sunlight of our school garden so we can help grow the best crops for our Garden to Table programme.

We are currently developing prototypes for a shelter to protect our Electric Garden from the elements, specifically excessive rain and direct sunlight. We have drawn up our concepts and are now creating small prototypes of our shelters. Over the rest of the term, we will develop our final design and materials list, before we need to price up and purchase the materials required. We will be fundraising for these costs by making our own guava jam and jelly, which is a great link to our Maths and makes this real life, hands on learning for us.

Here are some examples of our initial designs:

Room 4 first blog, Russell School
Mali’s initial concept
Room 4 first blog, Russell School
Ruby’s initial concept

By the end of the term, we hope to have our completed shelter in place and our Electric Garden installed so we can gather information and data for Term 2!