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Book Fair 2022

Sat May 21 04:01pm

Kia ora whanau,

Kororaareka Russell School will be hosting a Matariki Book Fair from Monday the 20th to Thursday the 24th of June. We receive  20% of the value of book sales over the week to support our school library, so every book you buy helps us provide a learning environment that values and promotes a love of reading.

We would love your help to make the most of the week. If you could volunteer some time for sales, set-up or pack-up, please let me know by emaiing me at [email protected] or phoning the office on 09 403 7016.

Everyone is welcome to come and shop so please let your neighbours and friends know about this opportunity to support our kura.

Nga mihi


Updated Maromaku Booklet

Thu May 19 01:35pm

ViewUpdated to reflect new draw.

Maromaku Draw – Please try again

Thu May 19 12:57pm

ViewWe have found a couple of errors in the draw so there will be an update later today.

Nga miji

Maromaku Draw

Thu May 19 10:26am

Kia ora,

Please find attached the most up-to-date Maromaku information including the draws. Some changes may be made on the day but this is the information we are working from tomorrow.


Wed May 18 03:22pm

Hello Russell School Community!

The Friends Of Russell School (FORS) would like to invite you to our upcoming meeting Monday, May 30th at 5:30pm, 9 Wellington street  (Ms Fulton’s house)

We will be discussing the planning of potential events including a quiz night and a Kids Disco.

Nibbles will be provided, hope to see you there.



Well done Yellowtail Team and supporters!

Wed May 18 03:17pm

Our Yellowtail Team raised $165.00 today from the sale of kiwifruit and worm wee today. We still have 5 bags of kiwifruit left at school for $5.00 each.

Oyster raffle tickets are selling quickly and you can buy them from the school office or from Butterfish. The prize is a whopping 5 dozen oysters and tickets are limited to 100. Your ticket is eligible for either draw.

Tickets for the Butterfish dinner are available from the Butterfish counter. This is a prepay system to make sure the night goes smoothly.

Many of our children who aren’t in the team this year are pitching in and helping which we are very pleased to see. 

If you have any items you would like to donate for a raffle, please contact Ange on 094037016.

Lastly, thanks to Simon who spent his lunch hour with the team and their kiwifruit stall.

Nga mihi


Maromaku Information

Wed May 18 11:29am

Please read especially if you are planning to attend as some things have changed from previous years. 


Maromaku – Friday 20th

Wed May 18 11:20am

Kia ora whanau,

On Friday children will need to bring their own food, a filled water bottle, clothes suitable for the weather and a plastic bag for any muddy gear.

The bus leaves school promptly at 9.05 and returns before 3.00.

If your children require medication for hayfever, bee stings or asthma they need to come prepared on the day as we don’t have any currently in storage. They can hand them to the teacher in charge of their team or care for them if they feel able. 

We will take our new tent, so look for the penguins to find our home base. 

If your child is travelling by private car on Friday they will be sent home with their sports shirt on Thursday so that they can arrive prepared. We do not have many spares, especially in the larger sizes so please make sure your child remembers theirs.

If you take your child early please let the team co-ordinator know…

Ms Higgins and Miss Jackson – Year 7 and 8 Netball 

Mr Graham and Mrs Maioha – Tear 7 and 8 Rugby

Miss Starr – Year 5 and 6 Netball

Simon – Year 3 and 4 Netball

Mrs Cooke – Year 3 and 4 Rippa Rugby

If children bring money they will need to buy tickets to use at the food stalls. Please look for signage at Maromaku.

We look forward to seeing you there.



Kiwifruit for sale – $5 per dozen

Wed May 18 10:01am

Available from Russell School students outside the Four Square between 1.15 and 2.30 today.

Orders will also be accepted at the school office.

Many thanks to Raumati and Miriam for their support of our Yellowtail Team.

Butterfish Dinner – Yellowtail Fundraiser

Mon May 16 08:11pm

Kia ora whanau,

Butterfish are hosting a fund-raising dinner for the 2022 Yellowtail Team. The flyer attached will also come home with the children tomorrow. 

We are very grateful to Colin and Amy for their generous support and we hope to see as many of you there as we can.

Please book your seats through Butterfish but remember you can buy raffle tickets for the oysters through the school office. 

Nga mihi


View PDF

Oyster Raffle – Yellowtail Fundraiser

Mon May 16 03:55pm




Fri May 13 11:15am



Year 5 – 8 Surf Day

Thu May 12 01:13pm

Kia ora whanau,

We have been offered a day with the New Zealand Surf Academy on Thursday the 26th of May. The tide is perfect! Our year 5 – 8 students will walk over the hill and spend the day at the beach. A permission slip will come home to you early next week. we will be looking for parent volunteers who are happy to spend a little time in the water. All gear is provided.

Nga mihi


Dungeons and Dragons expert needed

Wed May 11 09:12am

If you have any experience with setting up and running Dungeons and Dragons games and you would like to help us set up an eager group, please email me at [email protected] or call on 09 403 7016.

Nga mihi


Maromaku Permission Slips

Tue May 10 09:18am

Kia ora whanau,

can you make sure these get back to the office as soon as possible.

Nga mihi


Nga Wheturangi Matariki Kiorahi

Thu May 05 12:50pm

Another date for your calendar whanau – Wednesday 22nd June – Ki-o-rahi Tournament at Simson Park in Moerewa.

This is for our Year 7 and 8 class only.

Nga mihi



Lovely Worm Tea

Mon May 02 03:38pm

Kia ora whanau,

We have some delicious worm tea available for sale from the school office. All of our funds are going towards the Yellowtail Fishing Team’s fundraising.

While the price of everything else is going up almost daily, our Worm Tea is still $2 for a 2-litre bottle. Please call into the office to get yours. 

Nga mihi

Yellowtail Fishing Team

Yellowtail Fundraising – Book Sale

Wed Apr 13 03:05pm

Kia ora tatou,

Well done to Bernie, Hope, Nixon and Vidar who set up and ran a fund-raising stall for this year’s Yellowtail Team.

Over the past 12 months, we have done a library stocktake and have taken books off the shelves to make way for more updated texts and series that are of high interest to our current students. This has left us with some books that we are selling to raise funds for the team. Today the team raised $245! They will be back in their spot outside the Swordfish Club entrance from 10 – 12 tomorrow. They are asking $5 for as many books as you can carry away in your arms.

Thanks you to Ange and Amy for their support for this. Ka mau te wehi, team! 



Thu Mar 31 11:38am

Playcenter are having a Easter Raffle, They welcome your support.

View PDFThank you


Bay of Islands Swim Club Holiday Programme

Mon Mar 28 09:37am

Holiday Programme – BoI Swim Club

Health and Safety at Russell School

Sun Mar 27 03:00pm

Kia ora whanau,

With three more weeks in the school term to go, we want to remind you of the procedures we use that have so far kept us safe and mostly healthy. Please help us by following these, and reminding your children to follow their procedures too.

If you are coming into school for any reason, you must sign in at the office. 

Parents are asked to use the front entrance on Baker Street, not the classroom doors or the door by the staff room.

Children arriving at the usual times use the classroom entrances or the back doors by the field, leaving the front entrance free for whanau and visitors.

If children are late for school they need to come to the office and let Ange know that they have arrived. 

If you need to drop anything off to your children, such as lunch, medication or sports gear, please come to the office and give it to Ange or me. We will deliver it to your child.

If you are picking your children up early they need to be signed out at the office. They will wait for you there.

If your child is away from school for the day, or longer you must notify the school office by 9.30. You are able to contact us each day they are away or tell us a date at which you expect them to return. We are obliged to try and contact you about absences so we would appreciate the courtesy of hearing from you first. This saves us considerable time and money.

Any child using the bus either permanently or occasionally needs to have a bus form signed by a parent or caregiver. You will need to see Ange for one of these. 

Most of these procedures have always been our way at Kororareka Russell School so I know that you and your children will be used to them. We have been very careful to maintain good hygiene, social distancing and mask use and we are very happy that our efforts are paying off, allowing us to keep our school open and full of happy, healthy children ready to learn and play. 

Thanks for all your efforts and our staff thanks you for your courtesy and support.

Nga mihi


Room 3 Goal-setting

Wed Mar 23 08:54am

Kia ora whanau

Just a quick reminder that if you are coming to goal-setting meetings with Mrs Fulton today, she will be in the library. Mrs Fulton will make sure the children are ready.

Nga mihi


Board of Trustees Meeting

Wed Mar 23 08:03am

Kia ora tatou

The following agenda has been set for tonight’s meeting. A BoT meeting is a meeting held in public and all members of the public are welcome. If you would like speaking rights on an agenda item please email me at [email protected] or our Presiding Member, Rachel Holland at [email protected]

If you are planning to attend please scan in and wear a mask.

Russell School Board of Trustees 

Agenda for Wednesday 23rd of February 2022 

Minutes from the previous meeting 
Correspondence – Inwards, Outwards 
Budget & Finances 
Principals Report 
School Docs and Policy review  
General business 

Nga mihi


Mathletics Achievements

Sat Mar 19 10:36am

Kia ora whanau

Our children have been developing some great habits using Mathletics for regular practice and review. 

Eva, James, Stevie B., Sophia and Erana have all been awarded Silver Certificates in the past few weeks. It takes 5 Bronze Certificates to earn a Silver, and 4 Silvers to earn a Gold. 

We are looking forward to seeing the number of certificates grow. Don’t forget that teachers set activities so that our children can share their learning at home with you too.

Nga mihi



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