Growing The Next Generation Of Electrifying Digital Thinkers

Growing The Next Generation Of Electrifying Digital Thinkers

Kororāreka Russell School is growing the next generation of digital thinkers by trialing an electrifying wireless garden sensor system. Room 4 students will install the wireless sensor system in our school garden, and use data gathered from the sensor in guided Digital Technologies lessons. Students use their real-time data showing soil temperature, soil moisture, air humidity, air temperature and the amount of light to learn Digital Technologies. 

The learning resources support four primary Learning Areas: 

o Digital Technologies 
o Learning Languages – Te Reo Māori 
o Mathematics and Statistics 
o Science 

All lessons contribute to specific achievement objectives and progress outcomes for Digital Technologies and Te Reo Māori, with an aim to support Mathematics and Statistics and Science wherever possible. 

Throughout the lesson content, Te Ao Māori concepts of Kaitiakitanga (guardianship) and Maramataka (traditional Māori lunar calendar) provide a framework for students to be guardians and protectors of the natural environment. 

The Electric Garden system develops gardening knowledge, it compliments our Garden to Table programme and promotes wellbeing by the children spending time in nature.

Growing The Next Generation Of Electrifying Digital Thinkers, Russell School

by Lara Tauri.